Slo-Pitch Canada is pleased and excited to announce it's partnership with Softball Canada, who now has a Slo-Pitch Canada identity.

Click here to see the Softball Canada Press Release

Slo-Pitch leagues, teams and tournament organizers are encouraged to sign up for the services has to offer and use the great administration tools to their advantage to promote their leagues across Canada. is an organization created to serve as the one stop spot for everything Slo-Pitch across Canada. See our About Us page for more information.

For more information on how to quickly and easily sign up for services, please contact Greg Wheaton.

Slo-Pitch Tournament Promotional Packages

Slo-Pitch Canada is looking to support up to five Slo-Pitch events across Canada this summer. If you are operating a recreational tournament, you are eligible to apply for one of five special Slo-Pitch Canada Tournament Packages. Each package contains:
  • 50 Red Slo-Pitch Canada t-shirts
  • 2 Dozen Worth Softballs
  • Scorebook
  • $1,000 value, yours for $250
For more information and to apply, please complete one of the following application forms:

English Application

French Application

Slo-Pitch Canada Sponsors